What is Customized Home Cleaning?

Our customized home cleaning is tailored to your specific needs and desires. When it comes to home cleaning, one size does not fit all. We will visit your home to design your personalized checklist, which is based on your needs and preferences. Your customized checklist outlines exactly what is done in your home during your maintenance cleanings and is left for your review after every visit. Each item is initialed by the individual who completed the task. Customizing your cleaning regimen also helps you to control your budget!


To view a sample version of a personalized checklist, please email us at:






Our Niche

Bonjour! focuses on a full, comprehensive cleaning with every visit. We do not believe that a “rotating cleaning” schedule, (wherein some items in your home are overlooked in an effort to save time), is a sound approach. We routinely clean every item on your personalized checklist every time we visit so that build-up does not occur.


Every maintenance cleaning also includes the cleaning of:

  • The inside of your oven
  • The inside and the outside of sliding glass doors
  • Blinds and shutters
  • The exterior of all kitchen and bathroom cabinets
  • Baseboards
  • Changing the linens on your beds


These items are in addition to the thorough cleaning of every room in your home.