Our Mission:


Bonjour! Domestic Services seeks to improve the financial future of women and single mothers who have limited opportunity. Unlike the hierarchical structure of a corporation, in which the majority of the labor is executed by poorly paid employees with little opportunity for advancement, Bonjour! is a partnership that subscribes to the “open-book” business model. This means that all persons involved with Bonjour! must understand our profit and loss, and participate in decision making.

Bonjour! was designed around the idea of changing women’s lives. We do this by providing far-above-average financial compensation and opportunities for advancement unrivaled by the corporate world. Our long term goal is to foster an environment in which women can develop their own small businesses as branches of Bonjour!--creating futures they never thought possible for themselves and their families.

Our goal is to make real changes in the lives of real women. We believe that we can!