Bonjour! Offers Home Cleaning On Saturdays

Our clients have spoken and we have been listening! Due to client requests, we have begun offering options for scheduling your home cleaning on Saturday. Our Saturday team is a two person crew and typically works between 9 am and 5 pm. Our Saturday crew is fabulous (of course!) and is under the direction of Paloma Garcia Hernandez. To learn more about Paloma, please read her biography below.


Please note that our office is closed on Saturday and all bookings need to be made in advance. Please contact our office Monday through Friday to schedule service. We can be reached at: (925) 446.6464


Meet Paloma Garcia Hernandez!

Paloma Garcia Hernandez is currently a crew leader and is the director of Saturdays With Bonjour! Paloma is very motivated, dedicated, conscientious and responsible. Paloma has been working in the housekeeping industry for over five years and has the extensive knowledge necessary to lead. It was because of Paloma that Saturdays With Bonjour! came to be; her ideas and enthusiasm shaped our expansion to include weekend service. Paloma is friendly, outgoing and puts all of our clients at ease with her humor and willingness to accommodate client requests. In her free time, Paloma enjoys spending time with her family and dancing to Latin music!