Our Five-Star Experience Includes: 


  • Freshly cut flowers with every visit
  • Linens changed and scented with lavender
  • Chocolate mints or candies on your pillows
  • Towel animals in your bathroom---just for fun!
  • Customized services to meet your needs

It is our goal to make you feel special. When you come home after Bonjour! has visited, we want you to feel relaxed and calm…and a little bit pampered! Just like you feel at your favorite resort. 


What Makes Bonjour So Special?


We believe that all we have to sell is service.


Bonjour! was born out of frustration. We felt incredibly frustrated that as consumers we are consistently offered less for more; less service, less quality, less professionalism...for more money.


So we decided to offer more for less: excellent service, exceptional quality, unrivaled professionalism, and at a competitive price.


We believe that you don't have to pay more for a job to be done right. You just have to hire the right people. That's us.